Start Accepting Crypto Payments With 0% Fees & No Third-party

What is BitcartCC

BitcartCC is a self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency all-in-one solution. It's secure, private, censorship-resistant and free.

Receive cryptocurrency and token payments without any fees or third-party involvement. You are your own bank. Funds go directly to your wallet; your private key is never required.

We support classical blockchains like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and others, as well as smart contract platforms (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron) and token platforms like ERC20, BEP20, TRC20 and others.

Join the community

BitcartCC is an open-source project, not a company. We rely on a network of diverse contributors and users to provide support for numerous use-cases. Join us in improving, learning, and building BitcartCC.


Receive or perform cryptocurrency and token payments as a business or an individual. No fees. No third-party.
BitcartCC is using electrum wallet you know and love. Your private key never leaves your PC.
Fast, easy to use and secure
BitcartCC is written to be fast and light, working on any kind of servers, or at your home PC
Your private keys are never required to use BitcartCC
Your keys - your bitcoin! You can use your public key, or just a set of addresses to watch for
Ready to use admin panel and store for your business
BitcartCC provides optional, but easy to install and use admin panel for full management of your products and checkout and ready store. Just fill in your products in admin panel and start getting your first customers!
Free and fully-open source software. Self-hosted and non-custodial.
You're free to improve and view source code of BitcartCC. Your are your own bank, as you host BitcartCC yourself.
Lightning network supported out of the box
Enable lightning network just by one command!
Easy to deploy on any kind of server, via GUI or a few CLI commands
It is possible to install BitcartCC right from your phone, without any technical skills! Or just use easy to configure and use docker installation!
Supporting multiple coins, APIs remain the same
A variety of different coins is available, and you can use any of them in the same way. Enabling new coin in docker installation is a matter of one command.
Powerful SDK libraries to create apps of any kind
Powerful python SDK is available. Or just connect to BitcartCC daemon from any programming language You can even create a blockchain explorer, atomic swaps bot, or a wallet with it!
Modular and extensible
BitcartCC is composed of different independent components, you can pick only the ones you need
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